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E-ink screen on the N510 version Hanwang electronic paper book p

Hanwang electronic paper book on the N510 on the portable version has a stylish appearance with a new electronic ink technology, no flicker, no radiation, size, scale freely, for a long time to read not to hurt the eyes, >http://www.hats-discount.com/Red-Bull-Hat-c655.html]new era hats with a new packaging design, pre-1000 books, some audio books, provide customers with high quality to enjoy. Currently this section special electronic paper book sold 799 yuan.

N510 Hanwang electronic paper using the latest electronic ink display technology, like reading paper books as reading e-books, comfortable environment, not to hurt the eyes, and very low power consumption, easy and convenient storage, reading, management of all e-books, easy portable, can be read anytime, >http://www.hats-discount.com/Red-Bull-Hat-c655.html]new era hats anywhere, using the latest handwriting recognition technology Hanwang, full-screen touch, support the original handwriting notes and text notes function.

HW version on the N510 on the electronic paper can store thousands of books, 1GB memory card can store 500 million words, equivalent to nearly a thousand sets of the Three Kingdoms, support audio file player, audio books, beautiful music, watch and listen, with a font scaling, horizontal and vertical version of the switch, jump pages, bookmarks, >http://www.hats-discount.com/Red-Bull-Hat-c655.html]new era hats recording, music playback and other functions. A charge, turned more than 15 days continuous standby, low power consumption, more than 7,000 continuous page. Can be a long read, no flicker, size scaling freely, not to hurt the eyes.

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Web access to Manhattan, East Main Street, and through millions

On July 25, TechWeb exclusive informed that Chinese business social networking street network (Dajie.com) announced the fidelity, New Oriental, and pass three level financing agencies millions of dollars. custom fitted new era hats Is this the year to the domestic business social networks in one of the biggest investment, and United States listed company New Oriental's first investment in the field of access to the Internet for the first time.

It is understood that, by the original Oak Street network group (all networks) Executive Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer, Ms Wang Xiujuan was founded in 2008, in April 2009 officially launched operations, street networks to real users and real business is based on social relations, career development, business development, AC-driven social network platform in the industry. As of May 2011, street networks to 6.2 million registered users, all over the country over more than 3,000 custom fitted new era hats colleges and universities, where the Bachelor/master degrees in more than 90%,211/985/key institutions in more than 70%. May 2011, the street network was also officially launched the attack of white-collar business social marketing strategy.

Social networks (SNS) are again and again the value of mining, representatives from Myspace, 51-"strange relationship", to Facebook, everyone, and happy "old boy network", then to LinkedIn, Google+, the street network, represented "old boy network + expand relations", social networks are increasingly becoming entrepreneurs and investors are scrambling to go to the blue sea of the Internet.

So far, leader of the social network Facebook's valuation had been as high as US $ 84 billion sky-high; 2002 to set up business social networking pioneer, 2003 began operation on LinkedIn latecomers, first listed in the 2011 and became second only to the second largest social custom fitted new era hats networking site Facebook, more recently by Forbes forecast: LinkedIn will continue to develop and be successful, eventually become the nation's largest social networking site.

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United States than with Facebook with passport number

Alexia himself has been approved in the last two weeks of August holidays, in order to share her joy, to announce it met one of the most alarming data charts. As shown in the figure (The Social Travel Revolution) is determined by the United States emerging company Tripl draws, customized new era hats Tripl is a tourism-oriented still in the testing stage, venture capital companies or social tourism services and network projects.

One of the most shocking is: 50% Americans (155 million) is a social networking site Facebook users, held United States passports for Americans only (37%)

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U will be compatible with WII GC will be able to download the ga

On July 21, Nintendo's Development Manager Amber McCollom recent foreign media interview, talking about Nintendo is considering WII and GAME CUBE game interchangeability between u. custom new era hats

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Amber says in the interview while u cannot read GC WII game disc, but players will be able to download through WiiWare games to play on the GC.

Amber says, download play GC games do not mean to WII emulator that simple simulation in the past, but will run in WII HD games u format for play. custom new era hats

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Katy Perry on the Cover of Vanity Fair

Katy Perry Vanity Fair coverWhen you read on the cover of Vanity Fair’s latest issue that ‘there’s even more than meets the eye!’ in regards to Katy Perry, you can believe it. Her interview with the magazine’s contributing editor Lisa Robinson is a new look at the girl who kisses girls and reps for all the California girls. She’s much, much more than that. Her humble beginnings in my hometown of Santa Barbara would include her being raised in a strict religious family, the last upbringing you would consider her to come from.

“My career is like an artichoke,” Katy Perry tells Vanity Faircontributing editor Lisa Robinson. “People might think that the leaves are tasty and buttered up and delicious, and they don’t even know that there’s something magical hidden at the base of it. There’s a whole other side [of me] that people didn’t know existed.”

Katy Perry Vanity Fair Cover

Thank goodness I love artichokes. Reading this first paragraph made me so intrigued to continue. I like her more already for referencing my favorite food. She continues to explain how she was raised and how that made her the woman she is today. She speaks on her marriage to Russell Brand and how he keeps her centered. I’ve covered many cover stories and have said many times that each interview is worth reading. This one is no exception. I have to admit that I haven’t always been a fan of Katy Perry but hearing her side to how she deals with fame make her much more endearing.

Must read this interview, plus the photos shot in Pairs by Annie Leibovitz are stunning.


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